The hidden and ignored emotion, shyness wreaks havoc in many people’s lives. It is one of the most limiting and painful emotional conditions that a large proportion of the population lives with.  They fail to seek help because of the fear and embarrassment of expressing what the problem is.

Far reaching, it limits careers, relationships and social activity. Fear of rejection, criticism and focusing on self, due to past humiliation, criticism or family patterns of behaviour during the formative years.

Shyness is the crippling and hidden emotion of the century. Sufferers are told to “pull themselves together” or “not to be so stupid”.  This state affects top performers who “dip out” on relationships, to students who never socialise during their entire student life.

The difference between the silent suffering millions and those who have received our dynamic Bio-energetic therapy combined with NLP, Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy is a dramatically improved emotional state and a radical diminishing of the problem within a relatively short space of time.

The respected Homoeopathic and Psychotherapist, NLP Practitioner and Hypnotherapist, Linda Crawford, who practises at the Hale Clinic in London’s Harley Street, has developed an innovative and very successful treatment that does just this.

A computer is used to pinpoint emotional states that are underlying. Homoeopathic remedies are prescribed to promote emotional self healing.

On the psychological front, Linda addresses the deeply rooted causes that underlie the individual shyness factor, and behaviour patterns that reinforce the problem. “This is a particularly potent combination. I know because it worked for me, and is working for my patients at the London Shyness Centre”.

Step One

Funnily enough, you’ve already taken Step One without even realising it. Because half the battle is accepting that a problem exists. From now on you’re beginning to assert your control over your shyness, not the other way round.

They could write a book on all the different reasons that cause shyness. Unfortunately, they haven’t written one on how to overcome it. Which is why Linda Crawford set up the London Shyness Centre. And this takes us to Step Two.

Step Two

Recognising there’s a problem to solve is half the battle. Only you know the real you. The person you want to be. The person you could be, if only you weren’t so shy. And this is where Step Two comes in. It’s us! The London Shyness Centre. You’re why we exist. We’re Step Two. We’ve treated many, many cases of shyness in people of all ages and all walks of life. You’ve faced up to your shyness. We can give you the knowledge and confidence to banish shyness from your life.

We have a wide range of analysis and coaching skills to help you, and us, understand why you’re shy and why shyness remains a part of your life. Then we’re able to work with you, as a team, to get this shyness thing into perspective. See it for what it is. You’ll be amazed how, together, we can change things around so that you can lose this burden. How do we do this? Well, that’s in the next bit.

What We Offer

First of all we carry out a psychographic assessment of you. Its a bit like an M.O.T. test for people’s personalities. We’ve included a simple questionnaire in this leaflet. Complete it and bring it with you for your first consultation..

Why? Well, you may be shy, but do you want to be sure that we can help? Right? So complete the questionnaire, ring us and ask for Linda Crawford. She’s our founder and she insists that she is the first person you meet at The London Shyness Centre.  On your first visit Linda will be able to tell you how best we can work together, choosing the right mix of coaching skills to suit your individual needs.

Below you’ll find a list of the range of coaching options that we offer. We’ll go through each one in turn, ensuring that the right blend is chosen, to ensure that you get the best counselling emphasis.

Coaching Subjects

  • Personal Motivation
  • Relationship Skills.
  • Stress Management Skills
  • Food Cravings Management
  • Increased Negotiating Skills.
  • NLP Goal Setting Techniques
  • Minimise Negative and Destructive

Thought Patterns

We will help build your confidence and help change your life. Read what Linda Crawford has to say about shyness, its side effects and how we can successfully challenge shyness, on the following page. And it’s worth bearing in mind, that Linda herself was dreadfully shy, until she went to America and was herself counselled successfully by one of the leading shyness therapists over there.

Food Cravings

Shyness may have many causes, one of which may be body size. Many people are familiar with food cravings and poor metabolism. Addressing the underlying causes can, and generally will, alleviate this distressing condition.

Weight management is about achieving and maintaining a comfortable weight naturally; about being comfortable with food; ceasing to feel that you’re out of control; balancing blood sugar levels; boosting the metabolism; breaking free from the life of yo-yo dieting and compulsive eating so that you no longer feel out of control.

Feel normal hunger for the first time in years. Discover that you are not a greedy person. Reach a point where it is possible to eat in a balanced way.

Please read what Linda has written on the next page and we look forward to hearing from you.


Shyness, fear and embarrassment are all painful emotions that can disempower you. These powerful and limiting emotions can lead to many physical illnesses. Pychosomatic problems are dramatically increasing in today’s stressful and hostile world.

We at the London Shyness Centre use integrated therapies that best suit your special needs. You can learn easy, supportive techniques that can be assimilated into your life, enabling you to be comfortable in situations you would have dreaded in the past.  Learn to enhance your “people skills” and overcome limiting beliefs, confidently establish rapport and relate and confidently communicate your own ideas.

Confident people with high self esteem are able to pursue their dreams and goals, they avoid self-sabotage and feel worthy of their achievements and maintain their rewards. This can be you.

An assessment of your needs and limiting beliefs and a program especially designed for you, by us, with a constant re-assessment of your program and re-evaluation of your changing needs will dramatically improve every area of your life as you progress and begin to focus and trigger positive thoughts and actions. Be everything you ever dreamed of being. Have everything you ever longed to have.

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