Overcome and heal! At the gastrointestinal clinic with  bioresonance!

70% of chronic conditions that are the bane of people’s lives emanate from the Gut!

It may be time to get you back on track for the year to come!

The gut is a huge, extremely complex and the life force of the body extracting the nutrients from our food, Serotonin production is partly in the gut and part of the immune system starts there.   If you consider the miracle that is performed in the Gastrointestinal Tract you should be in awe..

Malabsorption and Inflammation and Leaky Gut are the issues that can lead to most of the conditions that you probably suffer from.   Gaviscon being one of the off the shelf medications along with the multitude of Laxatives and also the often necessary Imodium.   Of course you know there is a better way!

This means you are not absorbing the nutrients that we need from food and ensuring that we need to eat more just to get some nutrition. We are suffering from inflammatory conditions of the gut that lead to a whole plethora of conditions that to maintain health and sparkling vitality we need to correct these conditions by finding the underlying causative factors and healing them. Health is probably the most important part of your life and many of you know how hard life is with constant conditions that leave us uncomfortable at best and suffering at worst.  

The inflammation of the gut can often be caused by a plethora of causative factors but gut bacteria from past food poisonings or parasites or vaccinations that we have to protect us whilst we travel to amazing places can leave a trace or weakness in the gut that weakens and inflames the gut.   This can be investigated and healed if we find out the underlying causative factors.  A retest with me occasionally can put you back on track!  

Abdominal bloating, inflammation, IBS, Coeliac or Chrones.    Here is a start to your understanding of what the causes may be!   

  • Food intolerance / Allergy
  • Inflamed intestines  
  • Parasites 
  • Candida 
  • Insufficient digestive enzymes 
  • Fungal infection 
  • Malabsorption 
  • Diarrhea 
  • Constipation 
  • Indigestion

These conditions can be very uncomfortable and can occur at any time – not always after eating. Sometimes it may be due to poor digestion of food or an imbalance in gut flora.


Food intolerance (non-allergic hypersensitivity) is much more common. The onset of symptoms is usually slower and may be delayed by many hours after eating the offending food; the symptoms may also last for many hours, even into the next day. Intolerance to several foods or a group of foods is not uncommon, and it can be much more difficult to decide whether food intolerance is the cause of chronic illness, and which foods or substances may be responsible.

The symptoms caused by intolerance are much more variable and can include fatigue, bloating, irritable bowel, joint pains, rashes, nettle rash, eczema, migraine and various other symptoms. Chronic conditions such as Arthritis, Eczema, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, ME (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome), Rheumatoid Arthritis, Migraine and Ulcerative Colitis are sometimes linked to allergy or intolerance to foods or other substances. However, it is very rare for true allergy to be an issue in these conditions. In some people, an intolerance is generally a factor. 

Food intolerance can have a number of different causes. Some people may be lacking an enzyme that is required for proper digestion of the food. Although this is rare, others seem to be intolerant of substances that occur naturally in the food (e.g. histamine or salicylates) which don’t affect other people. There may be increased sensitivity to natural components such as caffeine, or to food additives. 

All these conditions need ongoing attention if they don’t leave you and heal.    I am afraid it doesn’t happen overnight as we have spent years getting sick and it takes a little while to heal…   We have moved so far from how we ate over hundreds of thousands of years as our digestive tract was formed and we as the amazing species that developed on this beautiful blue planet over the millennia.   As it took hundreds of thousands of years for us to develop, and our species that is a survival species, to develop our gastrointestinal tract which required fresh and ripe food to give us all the nutrition we need.    Unfortunately Waitrose and Sainsbury’s don’t have freshly picked ripe fruit to help our intestines function properly.

This is the underlying factor along with eating modified foods and processed foods with sugar that we all love means we have to take more care of ourselves.

Whatever the causative factor it is worth checking  with  me as to what is going on and having a great year!

However our bodies change with time and a retest and re-evaluation can put you back on track.

A combination of Linda’s expertise, a biofeedback scan  and other natural solutions can be put in place when you have full knowledge of your internal ecology and have a plan!  I have been practicing here at the hale clinic for 24 years and find that inflammation of the intestinal tract needs to be addressed.  You need to know what is going on and what to do about it!

Many of you already know that I have finally moved to my new Marylebone Base and will be working there and from my Virtual Clinic,  and the Hale Clinic in Harley street. Being in Marylebone  and working virtually has given me massive flexibility in my working times.   For example I will be working some sundays as well and the parking is free!!!  To that end I am now accepting new clients

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