Often feel misunderstood by your work colleagues, or even your family and friends?

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  • Learn how to switch off and stop over thinking and over analysing.
  • Understand how to communicate calmly and more effectively with work colleagues, family and friends
  • Learn how to be more in control of those sub conscious emotions.

We operate in our careers and our private lives, in an environment that is frequently changing, uncertain and challenging. Unfortunately sometimes there are situations that can test you and cause undue anxiety, fear and frequently deep anger. 

There are frequently unresolved issues in our past, that simmer in the background subconscious emotional programming.   I often ask patients what the unresolved anger is that is showing up on the screen of their frequency test.    I explain it is a kind of Emotional Rape.   After the immediate response of “I don’t have anything,” I just let it rest and then suddenly there will be a stirring of a memory and the internal subconscious chatter that keeps running in our minds.   Then suddenly out it pop’s and even though we are working on your allergies or your gut, we then move to discuss this issue and I treat it, and it softens.   I can see faces change and the relief and release of suddenly recognise that you ar running some background chatter in your mind over some huge injustice or trauma from the past that just needs softening.

You could go into therapy for years to sort these issues out!    OR have a subtle gentle softening of that dreadful emotional experience, so that it doesn’t keep running in the subconscious background noise that can totally distort your view of the world and your place in it.   This takes just a few treatments in most cases!   A fast and effective Subconscious Mindset Adjustment will just probably do the trick.    Because YOU are Worth It!!!

Frequently, in addition to the emotions and the fear, we have partners who may not quite understand or may not be supportive. Relationship problems often happen at this time! Or not met the right partner yet!!!!!!!!  Or we may have children with problems or learning difficulties.   It always comes at once!  Financial issues, fear or abandonment, Loss or Bereavement!   How many other issues cause us to go into a state of Anxiety or unresolved Anger or Depression.

If you are not operating at your optimum, then everything suffers, Family, Career

Relationships and most important of all YOU suffer.

The Qualities of Your Subconscious Mind Are Many

 The profound, yet simple truth is that you are already hard-wired for your success, and I say all you have to do is give up everything you think you know based on what others have told you is real and discover for yourself what reality you wish to know.

When you let the form of your current thoughts dissolve and you command that you understand something new, this is not a metaphysical event but a physical event in your brain, the cells of your body, and even in your DNA itself. This change creates new filters of reality that become your ground of being and from which you see and perceive in new ways, new possibilities.

The LIFE Bioresonance Device that I use in my clinic can encourage your brain to function more in THETA.

Added to that I work with your top 10 emotions that you trigger on the LIFE System and add the dynamic NLP for good measure. The scope of the brief and effective therapy that I use NLP  – Neuro Linguistic Programming explores the sub conscious and empowers you to re run your emotional programming differently, thus making it impossible for you to be stuck in the miserable place that you are.   


Depression, Anger and Anxiety can be transformed and softened!   You Owe it to Yourself to quietly address these emotions and Change how you run your emotions instead of YOUR EMOTIONS RUNNING YOU!!!!!

We will help build your confidence and help change your life.

Confident people with high self esteem are able to pursue their dreams and goals, they avoid self-sabotage and feel worthy of their achievements and maintain their rewards. This can be you.

An assessment of your needs and limiting beliefs and a programme especially designed for you, by us, with a constant re-assessment of your programme and re-evaluation of your changing needs will dramatically improve every area of your life as you progress, begin to focus and trigger positive thoughts and actions. Be everything you ever dreamed of being. Have everything you ever longed to have.

I believe that THETA BIORESONANCE THERAPY combined with Bio-Energetics assessment and NLP can enhance anyone’s emotional health, irrespective of its current state.