An integrated approach incorporating biofeedback, homoeopathy, neuromeditation, psychotherapy and NLP in a dynamic and integrated therapy and training programme can enhance a consistently improving state of being. Every patient has his/her unique requirements continually evaluated and a treatment protocol will be worked out that will assist rapid improvement in these conditions in an ongoing way.  This approach is both dynamic and unique and assesses you as a highly individual human being. 

This integrated approach offers the most up to date and comprehensive holistic treatment you can find in the UK today. 

The unit’s training and research in Neuromeditation has brought a powerful training tool into this integrated practice. Empowering the brain to balance both the emotional and the physical state.  The addition of this training has further enhanced the already powerful results. 

The biofeedback full body scan used for all clients has led to the realisation of the full extent of toxicity and its degenerative process within the human body.  The unit has been researching autism and hyperactivity for three years with HASG.  The unit has trained and worked under Professor Bill Nelson in London and Hungary and Halina Senn in Lausanne, Switzerland as well as EEG Spectrum in the United States, which has given powerful tools to combat these distressing conditions.


The study of excellence and breaking of destructive behaviour patterns. Neuro linguistic programming is a powerful form of brief psychotherapy that taps into the subconscious and enables transformation to take place.

Homoeopathy Explained 

Homoeopathy is a complete system of medicine that aims to promote natural health by reinforcing the body’s own healing powers. Homoeopathy works by correcting energy imbalances using minute doses of substances which are similar to the condition which are used to “match” the energy of the illness, thereby stimulating the body’s own healing energy.

What is Neuromeditation, how does it work and what does it achieve?

EEG Neuromeditation is the latest training aid to overcoming learning difficulties, increasing IQ, enhancing memory, increasing reading speed and overall peak performance. Rather than attempting to bring about change in the brain by chemical agents or mental constructs, EEG Neuromeditation educates the brain to produce specific brainwaves in specific locations in the cortex. EEG technology is used to collect data and sight and sound rewards are given to encourage the brain to balance the brain waves, similar to a state of Zen meditation. 

Neuromeditation uses sound rewards to encourage the brain to produce a healthy balance ratio of brain waves. Much of Pavlov’s dogs were trained with sound and students find studying with Mozart increases their concentration. The trainer assesses the imbalanced brainwaves that the brain has trained itself to use to survive the untoward stresses of everyday life in the Western world and by simply using the appropriate sound and sound pattern that a particular brainwave responds to, to correct an imbalance. You can create harmony within the brain that then allows the brain to start healing both emotions and physical conditions. 


Bio Energetics is a system used to measure the body’s physical reaction to more than 3000 remedies and compounds are assessed, these include allergens, viruses, emotional remedies, chemical toxins, fungi, amino acids and vitamins.

Allergy Testing

Increasingly, health practitioners are seeing patients who are the victims of pollution and compromised immune systems. The rise in chronic conditions such as allergies, emotional problems, chronic fatigue, hyperactivity and eating disorders is proceeding at an alarming rate. These are all conditions that are in part allergy related 


The hidden and ignored emotion, shyness wreaks havoc in many people’s lives. It is one of the most limiting and painful emotional conditions that a large proportion of the population lives with.  They fail to seek help because of the fear and embarrassment of expressing what the problem is.

Far reaching, it limits careers, relationships and social activity. Fear of rejection, criticism and focusing on self, due to past humiliation, criticism or family patterns of behaviour during the formative years.

Shyness is the crippling and hidden emotion of the century. Sufferers are told to “pull themselves together” or “not to be so stupid”.  This state affects top performers who “dip out” on relationships, to students who never socialise during their entire student life.

The difference between the silent suffering millions and those who have received our dynamic Bio-energetic therapy combined with NLP, Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy is a dramatically improved emotional state and a radical diminishing of the problem within a relatively short space of time.

The respected Homoeopathic and Psychotherapist, NLP Practitioner and Hypnotherapist, Linda Crawford, who practises at the Hale Clinic in London, has developed an innovative and very successful treatment that does just this.

A computer is used to pinpoint emotional states that are underlying. Homoeopathic remedies are prescribed to promote emotional self healing.

On the psychological front, Linda addresses the deeply rooted causes that underlie the individual shyness factor, and behaviour patterns that reinforce the problem. “This is a particularly potent combination. I know because it worked for me, and is working for my patients at the London Shyness Centre”.

We help build confidence and change lives.